#5. UPDATE – Invisalign

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

6 months after I left the dentist’s office with “buttons” on my teeth and my first set of plastic Invisalign retainers, I’m done with the treatment! Thrilled with the results (see below before and after), and appreciating all that life has to offer without worrying if red wine is staining the buttons, if I remembered my retainer case, and what my strained smile would look like in that unexpected photo. Even more, I’ll now have the ability to ensure my teeth don’t continue to shift as I get (even) older.

I was able to maintain the recommendation of wearing the retainers for 22 hours each day, it wasn’t overly difficult. I did not have to drastically cut my coffee intake, and unfortunately did not lose weight like I had hoped (oh well). Each new set of trays was uncomfortable for a few days as you would expect.

The removal of the buttons was not great. In the dentist’s chair for 45 minutes with a small drill to get the button off and then a sandpaper like polisher to buff off the remainder. It was entirely unpleasant. And if this part was the ugly side of Invisalign, I’m sure that all the other body altering self-improvement mechanisms have their own “ugly” side too.

The other observation is that this is becoming increasingly popular. More affordable and flexible treatment times make this an attractive (no pun intended) thing to do. As I brushed my teeth many times a day at work, I ran into the same women time and again who were in the same situation.





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