#33 – Buy Swim Goggles

“Spectacular achievements come from unspectacular preparation.” – Roger Staubach

Seems simple enough. Why even make a list with the item “buy swim goggles” on it?

I know myself. Over the years I have realized that in order to achieve a goal, I also need to detail out and execute the steps in required to perform. I can intentionally sabotage myself by ensuring that I cannot perform the goal – making the goal another thing that just takes up space in my thoughts, gets me frustrated and making me beat up myself about it. No one needs that!

OR, just the opposite. I’ll set my mind to doing something and will rush out to buy all the gear I need to do it. Then never do it. This example is actually most likely, and relevant to a lot of items on this list (see #17).

Over the past winter, I watched my girls diligently suit up (pun intended) for swim lessons. Suit, swim cap and goggles. They entered the pool deck just as the adults were instructed to clear the lap lanes. The adults spanned ages – but two things were certain. They were all fit and they all had goggles. If I wanted to achieve #32 – “Swim Laps (?) at Y – pretend you are a real swimmer.”, I’d have to get some goggles.

I happened to be running errands with my girls the first weekend following my 39th birthday. Outfitting them as my coaches – whistle for my run coach, #SuperE, and stopwatch for my squat coach, #SuperL – and I let them select my new wet-specs. Modell’s was great – I’ve never been in this particular store before. It was clean, easy to find items, and had friendly staff. Now I have no excuses not to begin to work on #32 (with the bonus of becoming a member of Modell’s loyalty program too).

Watch out Michael Phelps.

Swim memes are hilarious – who knew? My favorite when searching for “goggles” in Google images.

Image result for swim goggle funny photo



40 Before 40

  1. Marathon
  2. Stock Portfolio
  3. Clean up 401k
  4. Attend live Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
  5. Invisalign
  6. Pinata with Booze!
  7. Palm Reading or Tarot Card
  8. Play a Round of Golf
  9. Spin Certified
  10. Bike to Work 1x
  11. Tell someone each day how special they are.
  12. Stand with the climate change guy at Roosevelt Circle
  13. Finish a 30 Day Squat Challenge
  14. Try 10 Different Fitness Classes
  15. edX Product MGMT Course
  16. Use all gift certificates!
  17. Donate unused crafting items.
  18. Murder Mystery Dinner
  19. Escape the Room
  20. Facial
  21. Update tattoo(s)
  22. Run 2 miles on track, sub 18 min (soccer double-sessions)
  23. Pre-write/stamp birthday cards for entire year.
  24. Dermatologist
  25. Try spinach. Like really try it. Give it a chance.
  26. Blossoms at the Beebe – support the library more.
  27. Geocache
  28. Organize Family Recipes
  29. Finish wedding album!
  30. Planetarium
  31. Road Trip with Phil
  32. Swim Laps (?) at Y – pretend you are a real swimmer.
  33. Buy Swim Goggles
  34. Clean under the bed.
  35. Write letter to nemesis, burn it, move on.  (Update)
  36. Clean and organize jewelry.
  37. Watch Food Inc.
  38. Kayak (more) (with different people)
  39. Play a full tennis match (keeping score)
  40. Start blog